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April 2019 - Goodbye to Vice-Chair, Barrie Boundy

I am sure most of you have heard the very very sad news of the passing of our Vice-Chair Barrie Boundy.

Barrie initiated the start of the Residents Association. He sowed the seed after nearly getting run over and knew he had to act, not through what happened to him, but for the safety of the children and elderly in the village.

He tirelessly “did things” for others. Words cannot describe his kindness and how he carried out the wonderful things he did in his very unassuming manner.

I am sure we all have very fond memories of Barrie, may we never forget them.

I feel honoured to have had Barrie as my Vice-Chair and dearly wished it was longer. We should all feel honoured.

As an Association we are poorer, but we must be strong, continue and honour the memory of “Barrie”

I am sure you will agree with me that our hearts go out to Boundy Family at their time of such grief. Can we show respect at this time to the family, but give any assistance no matter how small to them if requested.

We loved you Barrie and we always will.

January 2019 - Goodbye to our wonderful Val Budgen-Cawsey

Today we heard the sad news that Val Budgen-Cawsey has passed away.

We know that you will all want to send your love to her family at this time and, from her wonderful involvement with the St Stephens Residents Association, we will be thinking of an appropriate tribute to pay to her amazing spirit and community energy. Please be respectful of the family request for privacy at present. We will be in touch with further news as it is given.

January 2018 - What have we achieved? What can we achieve? Can we focus on further activities? Can we survive?

By our new Chairman - Andy Wood

A lot to think about in this coming year, our second year from establishing ourselves as an Association that has become “Known” in Launceston.

Fantastic work was achieved by our first Chairperson Val Budgen-Cawsey and the Residents. The Traffic Survey, which was a brilliant piece of work dominated our first year and really established the Association as a “Force” within the wider Community of Launceston and Councils.

We now need to build on this and widen our horizons. We must take forward our Traffic Survey results to establish what can be done with this, how we can use this to enhance safety and improve the lives of our residents. This piece of work will expand and will be taken forward during the year of this Committee. Our horizons must be widened to involve the whole of the Community in various ways. This is why a sub-committee has been introduced to deal with Social Activities such as Entertainment evenings and “Hobbies”. As a Committee we believe this will bring to the Association an inclusion element for “All”.

We all have different WANTS and REQUIREMENTS from the Association and this is healthy. We, as a Committee want to hear these as this will establish the Association as a Diverse platform for all voices. Your voice and ideas matter.

So can we survive? If you bring your voices and ideas forward damn right we can. As an Association we are strong and can only get stronger. Be proud of what has been achieved and let us put Pride into what we are going to do. Come up with suggestions and ideas no matter how small and let us all move forward together.

November 2016 - Do we need a residents association? What will they do? Will they want what I want? Is it friendly? What can we achieve?

It is early November 2016 and the St Stephens Residents Association is taking its first fledgling steps.

At the moment we cant really answer all those questions above. What we do know is that many people were interested in forming a group that could give St Stephens a voice, be somewhere that concerns or joys would be listened to, and be a place where our community could come together to an even greater extent than it does already.

To answer the rest of those questions you will have to come along with us for the ride....

A Welcome from the first Chairman - Val Budgen-Cawsey

Welcome to the recently formed St Stephens Resident's Association. Mindful of the topography of the area in which we live and the "process" we will have to navigate to achieve our goals! Our main aim initially is to "listen" to the voices of the Resident's, and having identified their main concerns do our very best to address them.

We are a Non-Political, Non-Religious group of like minded people who are very keen to be a "positive" influence, representing fairly, the area in which we all live.

I look forward to seeing you at our future meetings where you will all be very welcome.

What is our initial focus?

Over 140 Resident's attended our inaugural Public Meeting held on Friday 21st October. This was a fantastic demonstration that the association was much needed.

Everyone present was handed a questionnaire asking them to identify their main concern. The Committee then worked hard to collate the many results we received and to process the residents thoughts, to start to formulate a plan to move forward.

We will "set the pace", not try to run before we can walk, and most importantly to be all inclusive to all Resident's and those outside bodies who can help us achieve our goals .


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